Nevada County Wedding Industry in jeopardy, reports

New rules are putting a damper on the marriage business in the Nevada County, as well as local marriage vendors say that they are paying the price. Nevada County marriage industry knew it would take a toll when the board voted to limit the number of outdoor programs, but they do not expect it to take place this fast.

Rachel Easkins told that this is the time of the year when her floral business Art in Bloom generally flourishes, because of the county’s million dollar wedding industry.
She told that she moved up here thinking it was very lucrative and it was. But she has seen a forty percent cut in sales following the Nevada County Board of Supervisors voted to only let 4 commercial events a year at local places.

Antonio Ayestaran owns a business which is usually booked almost each weekend by now into next year. He told that generally brides are planning their wedding right now, for the upcoming June, July, August wedding. They just don’t find that’s happening right now.

All these little businesses thinks that a misunderstanding has scared the customers away—believing no marriages are allowed instead of a handful allowed per place. The brand new ordinance went into effect back in December after few neighbors complained about trash and noise.

Ed Scofield, the Board chairman, does not believe that it would have any negative longterm effects. He believes that he needs to offer it this year to actually see when impact there might be.