DJ Tips – Episode 7

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7 Responses to “DJ Tips – Episode 7”

  1. ladjkaoz says:

    Most of us we learn it the hard way
    I have a lot of cables. you name it. i have pc on my rack, and laptop with my software, 1 hard drive with my music library and an other with my music library and OS on a single hard drive.
    but you never can prevent when something will go bad it will go bad….
    i guess your best weapon is to learn how wires are made, how sound works and take some clasese on electronics. this has save my BUTT many times.. have a knife and electric tape and a flastlight

  2. Art Sanchez says:

    Do you have a Dell Studio Laptop!

  3. lakemurraydjservice says:

    great tips..i try to have a backup of everything i use for my gig.

  4. stewardsproductions says:

    very good tip video

  5. jcaustin2 says:

    Awesome tip Bo, some of those items I never thought about. My most valuable piece of backup gear is my backup rig. It includes an amp, mixer, dual cd player and an eq. This rack will continue to travel with me, whether it stays in the van every time or not!

  6. ljmike1204 says:

    i have 6 9V baterys for mic one and 8 AA baterys and i take all the gear to a gig 2 laptops a dual cd players extra power wires in total 5 micks 2 wirless and 3 wired

  7. MrBklein31 says:

    GREAT TIPS!!! I had 3 things happen at an outdoor gig that I had to use 3 parts of my back-ups.
    1-Laptop froze- I had a CD player & CD with the key songs for the gig on it.
    2-Speaker cables were too short- I had several smaller cables and some adapters, and made it work.
    3- Gig went late and it was dark- I brought a LED panel and put it on White, and it lit up my whole area so I could tear down safely. The clients never knew there was a problem, and I got an extra tip for staying after dark.