A Dream Dance

It was the joy of lifetime when Michelle Johnson saw her paraplegic husband get up from his wheelchair and dance at their wedding ceremony. She was elated and could not hold back her tears. The couple got introduced to each other in 2012 at a music concert.

However the unfortunate incident happened exactly after four months of their meeting when Joey Johnson had fallen victim to a motorcycle accident that injured his spine and caused him to be confined to his wheelchair. Joe at that time had returned to the US after serving in the military service in Afghanistan for a span of 10 months.

The couple bonded well and also had their surnames and birthdays in common. Both of them had their birthdays in the 29th of June. Michelle says that Joey’s accident had made the families witness a tough time.

However she happily stated that he was her soul mate and they finally tied the knot on the 28th of June 2013, just a day before their shared birthdays. Joey’s friends were responsible in making the occasion a special and memorable one. They had actually devised a harness system that would help him to get up from his wheelchair and dance with his bride. Michelle on entering the ballroom saw Joey and hugged him with delight. The guests applauded and cheered on witnessing this touching moment. Michelle said that to be closely dancing with Joey after a long time was heavenly.